2 Most Recommend Flower Racks Design Ideas

For those of you who like flower plants, you can arrange it more neatly using flower racks. Not only to arrange plants, but flower racks can also be used as decoration to enhance the interior appearance of the house. However, the many types of flower racks will probably make you a little trouble in choosing it.

Before choosing a flower rack, do you know what a flower rack is?
Flower racks are used to arrange your flower pots to look more presentable. Besides being referred to as a flower rack, there are also those who call it a standing flower or a plant rack. Even so, everything remains the same because it refers to where to place the potted plants.

Materials such as iron, wood (including rattan), or plastic are materials that are often used to make flower racks. All of these ingredients have different strengths, looks, and textures. Materials other than rattan can be used not only inside the house but also outside the home such as the veranda or garden.

Recommendation Flower Rack Design Ideas For Best This Year
Recommendation Flower Rack Design Ideas For Best This Year

When choosing a flower rack, you will see the difference based on the material used. Each ingredient has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now in this article, I will provide flower rack designs as inspiration for you.

The following are many flower rack designs:

Wooden Flower Rack Design Ideas

Wooden Flower Rack Design Ideas
Wooden Flower Rack Design Ideas – Source: ebay.com

Flower racks made of wood have a simpler design than racks made of iron. This makes it suitable for storing any plant. Wood products also have a natural texture and are suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Harmony made from wood and beautiful flowers will have a calming effect.

Wooden flower racks are suitable if you like soft spaces or create a natural atmosphere. This material is also interesting to use because you don’t need to think about the right type and color of flowers. For those of you who like Asian space, rattan wood is the right choice.

On the other hand, this material is easily damaged if placed outdoors for a long time and is difficult to clean. If placed in a humid place, the shelf will be moldy and will not dry easily when wet. However, you can still use this wooden flower rack outdoors. For rattan material, it must be used indoors.

Iron Flower Rack Design Ideas

Iron Flower Rack Design Ideas
Iron Flower Rack Design Ideas – Source: pinterest.com.au

The iron flower rack has a sturdy and sturdy design. Usually, the iron flower rack also has a variety of unique carvings such as flower or fruit shapes using thin iron. This makes it look more attractive. This design also gives the impression of a western-style and can be a more stylish choice compared to other materials.

On the other hand, there are also many simple-designed flower racks that you can choose according to your preferences. The advantage of this flower rack is that it is not easy to damage even if used for a long time. Iron is also more stable when you use it to place many potted plants.

The drawback, the iron is easier to rust, especially if placed outdoors and is often exposed to rain. Metal shelves are also heavy and can easily scratch ceramic floors. You must be more careful when using it indoors. In addition, you may also have difficulty moving it unless all of your potted plants are removed first.

Those are some flower rack designs that you can sample as decorations in your home. Not only that, there are many more flower rack designs that you can apply. Therefore, to have a beautiful home you must have a nice decoration. Hopefully, it is useful and that you will be inspired by this article.

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