Best 8 Wall Decorating Ideas To Make Your Home Interior Beautiful

Many ways you can do to decorate a house, one of them by utilizing the wall area. With wall decorations, the atmosphere in the area of the house not only looks more lively, if the placement is really walled decorating can provide a visual space effect so that the low-roofed room so that it looks higher.

If you think only picture frames and paintings can be used as wall hangings, you are wrong. With a little creativity, the wall area can be a medium for you to be creative by utilizing the items that are around you. Not only that, wall hangings can also be applied with used items. But used goods will always enhance your interior appearance. Now in this article, I will provide wall decoration ideas as inspiration for you.

The following are many beautiful wall decorating ideas

1. Plate Wall Decoration Ideas

Plate Wall Decoration Ideas
When decorating a wall, not limited to one or two types of wall decorations, using various types of wall decorations can create the maximum decoration appearance. Like in this ethnic-themed room, starting from plates, cups and small plants.

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2. Handkerchief Wall Decoration Ideas

Handkerchief Wall Decoration Ideas
If you are confused about what wall decorations are placed for this corner decoration, this handkerchief collage wall decor can be a complement that makes the decoration angle more dynamic. For placement, leave a distance of up to 30 cm from the console table if arranged lengthwise.

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3. Photo Frame Wall Decor Ideas

Photo Frame Wall Decor Ideas
An impressive photo or a good photo can be used as a wall decorating ideas that will enhance the interior appearance of the house. Not only that, but photos with attractive frames will also make the interior more attractive.

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4. Floral Wallpaper Decor Ideas

Floral Wallpaper Decoration Ideas
If you have leftover wallpaper or wallpaper that isn’t used, it’s best not to throw it away. As a wall decoration, wallpaper can also be changed into other types of wall hangings.

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5. Clipboard Wall Decoration Ideas

Clipboard Wall Decoration Ideas
Want to have a gallery at home, but don’t want to pay extra? The use of frames as a medium for displaying photos in fact is enough to drain the bag. More with paintings or works of art, as a product of senior art, the price is not cheap. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an art gallery without this second item. Try using other, simpler media, such as the clipboard.

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6. Butterfly Wall Decoration Ideas

Butterfly Wall Decoration
The picture of a butterfly inside the room is indeed very interesting to be implemented. Especially with 3D butterflies as wall decorations will be amazing.

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7. Tree Art Wall Decoration Ideas

Tree Art Wall Decor Ideas
The tree has an interesting shape and beautiful views. More if there are trees in the house. One proves dalah picture of a tree on the wall that will make residents want to be invited to the house.

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8. Clock Wall Decoration Ideas

Clock Wall Decor Ideas
Wall clock is to determine a time. So, this wall clock must be in every home to make it more attractive and comfortable. With a wall clock like the picture above will be more interesting and also beautiful.

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