Best 6 Vertical Garden Design Ideas You Must Know

Vertical garden design is a park that is built upright on the ground. If you do not understand the vertical garden can also be called a walled garden. Vertical gardens are different from horizontal parks. Of course, vertical parks are more interesting than horizontal parks.

Building a vertical garden is perfect for those of you who don’t own land. This park does not require a very large area because the park can be made on the wall outside your home.

Purpose of Building a Vertical Garden

The vertical garden aims to overcome the limitations of land, especially for urban homes who want a garden in the area of ​​the house. In addition, this park can also reduce air pollution, increase oxygen, and refresh the area of ​​the house.

Interestingly, this vertical garden can be built indoors. Plants used in this park are also easy to find and easy to develop. With this park, you can realize the green garden that you dream of at home.

The planting technique uses panels that are vertically positioned and structured. This park has existed since ancient times. Now, in the modern era, the park is given a touch of kinship that makes people interested to have it.

In addition, the types of plants that can be used vertically garden also varied. What are you waiting for? maybe you are confused about the vertical garden model. Now in this article, I will provide vertical garden design ideas as inspiration for you.

Following is the vertical garden design:

Beautiful Vertical Garden Ideas
This vertical garden is made using black wood. Not only that, where plants can accommodate a number of plants so that the presence of some plants looks more beautiful and attractive.

Source Image

Cozy Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas
The second vertical plant is made using used materials. Used materials used are bottles. So, using a beverage bottle can be a beautiful vertical garden. This vertical garden plants vegetables that are suitable for urban use.

Source Image

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas
In this vertical plant is made of wood formed in one row in a row and up. So, the shape of this vertical garden looks more beautiful and unique.

Source Image

Indoor Vertical Garden Ideas
In vertical plants, time is indoors that can refresh the air. This vertical plant is made using iron so that it becomes an attractive and attractive shape.

Source Image

Lovely Vertical Garden Ideas
In this plant made using logs so that later in the middle of the wood is perforated and used as a place for plants. Give an attractive and beautiful wood color so that it can make the garden look more beautiful. To make this vertical wood use a rope to hold it from falling.

Source Image

Stone Vertical Garden Designs
This vertical garden is quite interesting because it was made using stone. This stone is made like building a house but there are gaps to place plants. This vertical plant has its own uniqueness so that the vertical stone garden will make the house more beautiful.

Source Image

Those are some vertical garden designs that will make your home more comfortable. What are you waiting for, let’s make a vertical garden for fresh air? For those of you who are interested in a family room outside the house with a garden can be seen here.

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