7 Magnificent Victorian Living Room Design Ideas That Looks More Elegant

The victorian living room really does have a very beautiful interior, luxurious design, and decoration. Not only that, the interior and decoration are also charming and classic European style is the main attraction. The design of this living room is inspired by the decoration of houses or castles in England. The interior design of this living room first appeared during the reign of Queen Victoria between 1837-1901. Victorian style is inspired by nature and geometry, the impression of luxury can be seen from the design.

The nuance of its own beauty from the Victorian living room makes this style still in demand along with the development of modern minimalist theme homes. In general, this design style is complemented by carved ornaments seen in rolls, kelopa, and wine. Then the interior walls of this design will always be covered with wallpaper that displays large flower patterns, birds or feathers. In addition, the floors in this interior design are covered with large oriental pattern carpets. There are several distinctive colors in this interior design, namely dark colors, including red, purple, blue, brown, green, and black.

Below Are 7 Magnificent Victorian Living Room Design Ideas That Looks More Elegant

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The first living room design looks very comfortable. Not only in terms of furniture, the interior that is applied to the living room looks very peaceful. Flooring that uses wood is a good idea, where the wood elements give a warm impression to the room. Not only that, the large window in the living room above makes this room much brighter and the beauty displayed is very clear.

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You can apply a lot and you can sample in the picture above. For example, the furniture used looks classic and there are unique carvings on the furniture. And the carpet used in the room above is very beautiful and in harmony with the furniture.

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This design gives a more luxurious impression because the furniture in the living room uses gold color. Not only luxurious, the appearance of the furniture is indeed very beautiful. Not only the interior and furniture design that you can apply, but you can also decorate. For example, in the picture above there are plants in the room that makes the room fresher.

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victorian living room design
If you are one of those who like a clean room, you can apply the room design in the picture above. Where the white color is applied to the furniture that gives a bright aura in your room.

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victorian living room ideas
For the design of the living room this time it looks very classic, from the interior furniture and decorations in this room it looks classic. Although it has a classic impression, it is certainly still comfortable to live in. And wall decorations in the room above, the paintings also look very antique. In general, there are many antique decorations in this room. And one of them is the mural we just mentioned.

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If you want to display the impression and atmosphere of a very different room, you can apply the interior walls with gray. The interior of this gray wall can look very elegant. Moreover, with furniture that looks very comfortable when used. And the living room lights that look very unique.

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victorian living room
The design of the living room this time has a lot of wall decorations. And the decoration applied to the wall is the animal’s head decoration. Which brings the impression of being in the forest, because of the presence of these wall decorations. And as usual, the furniture that is applied is also very special and looks luxurious.

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Thank you for reading this article. We wish you, the other occupants of the house, and guests who visit your home comfortable with the living room design that we recommend. We hope that what we share will always benefit you. Have a nice day.

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