7 Lovely Bedroom Curtain Design Ideas for Your Inspiration

Choosing room curtains cannot be careless. Aside from being a decoration element to complement the room decoration, curtains also function to protect the window of the room throughout the day.

So when choosing the right bedroom curtains you must adjust to the shape, size of the house window, and the size of the room. The curtain material also determines how much intensity of the incoming light and how safe you feel when in your own room. Now in this article, I will provide some references as inspiration for you.

Here are many bedroom curtain design ideas:

Bohemian Bedroom Curtain Ideas
The bedroom design with these curtains has a very beautiful interior so that the color combination between the furniture and others becomes more attractive – Source Image
Elegant Bedroom Curtain Ideas
This bedroom design has colored curtains like decoration on the bed so that it will display a modern impression – Source Image
Minimalist Bedroom Curtain Ideas
In this bedroom design, it has lots of white interiors so as to make it more comfortable to bring bright or white curtains – Source Image
Modern Bedroom Curtain Ideas
In this bedroom design has a very interesting color combination where the curtain is used there are three kinds of colors namely white yellow and gray – Source Image
Rustic Bedroom Curtain Ideas
In this bedroom design as usual, but with lights and curtains that are applied more beautiful – Source Image
Stunning Bedroom Curtain Ideas
This bedroom design has white curtains that will make the interior of the house more beautiful and attractive – Source Image
Yellow Bedroom Curtain Ideas
This bedroom design is indeed very small but has interesting color combinations one of which is the yellow and  white curtains – Source Image

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