7 Interesting Rooftop Gardening Ideas You Should Try

Do you have a roof over your house? If so, it is better to use a roof for vegetable gardening. What is needed is not concrete-floored land, a bed planted, and a roof to control the absorbed water.

Vegetable plants can last four to five weeks. Among vegetables are kale, lettuce, spinach, and carrots.

How to plant a vegetable garden at home

If you have planted vegetables at home then do the harvest alternately. For example, after planting water spinach, the land is no longer planted with spinach but replaced with lettuce. After lettuce, the same land is planted with spinach again. That’s how rooftop gardening ideas of the house so that it will make you comfortable.

This method can naturally break the life cycle of plant pests. The pests that arise when they plant spinach are disturbed in their life cycle with various plants that are planted thereafter to create balance.

Vegetable gardens on the roof of a house usually have to be equipped with a transparent roof so that sunlight can be absorbed properly but most can be obstructed. So, the intensity of the water that is still in the planting medium must be controlled properly.

Gardening on the roof of the house does have ecological benefits, but it also has a decorative function. Build a vegetable garden with a good layout and comfortable to look at. Now in this article, I will give you ideas about vegetable plants at home.

Following are many rooftop gardening ideas

Beautiful Rooftop Gardening Ideas
In gardening the roof of this house has beauty and comfort. In this vegetable garden is formed by separating each plant. What happens, it’s easier to choose when plants can be used. Not only that, there are also lights that can make plants feel warm at night.

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Cozy Rooftop Gardening Ideas
In the vegetable garden above there really is a small place. But in one place there are various types of vegetables planted. This method can be done when you don’t have a large roof area. In addition, with wheels under the place where plants can be moved anywhere.

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Fabulous Rooftop Gardening Ideas
In the vegetable garden above the same as in the first picture that was replaced and flattened in one type. But it has an elongated place made of wood. The layout on this vegetable plant is also very suitable for those of you who like beauty and comfort.

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Incredible Rooftop Gardening Ideas
In the picture above, we present vegetables that are also separated into one type. But this vegetable has an attractive and comfortable place. Not only that, this place is made of iron supported by wood so it is more comfortable to be applied. Especially with wheels that will not be difficult if moved.

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Lovely Rooftop Gardening Ideas
In the picture above there is a vegetable garden that is most comfortable to get sunlight. In addition, there are chairs that can make you relax when you are tired of watering the vegetable garden all day.

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Simple Rooftop Gardening Ideas
In the picture above there are also separate vegetables, but there are several places planted with more than one type of vegetable so they will look more attractive. In this vegetable place, there is a net in the middle to make vegetables stand up.

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Stunning Rooftop Gardening Ideas
In the picture above it is suitable for you who only have a small or less spacious rooftop gardening. Why? The vertical gardening style is indeed very unique and interesting. If you don’t want to grow vegetables, you can also plant flowers that have attractive colors that make your roof look beautiful.

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Those are some rooftop gardening ideas that you can apply at home. For those of you who want to bring plants at home, you can see the types of plants here.

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