Top 10 Simple Small House Designs on a Limited Budget

Lately, there has been an upward trend in making apartments as residences. This alternative was chosen because land and house prices are increasingly expensive in big cities. Though not everyone likes to live in an apartment. Why not build a small house to save money?

Having limited land and budget is not limited to having a comfortable and attractive place to live. With the right arrangement and design, the design of a small house with a minimum budget can not only be a comfortable home, but it also looks aesthetic, you know.

As explained before, one trick outsmarting the budget in small home design is minimizing the design details and ornaments that are less needed. Besides being easier to apply, the appearance of plain outdoor paint can also make a house design look more unique.

Small House Designs
Small House Designs

Another way to cut costs on your small home design is to explore finishing materials in a small house. Although there are many choices of conventional finishing materials at low cost, you can make an anti-mainstream look with further exploration of materials, one alternative is to make unfinished materials in the small house that you have.

Confused how to make your little house into a dream home without having to spend too much? Take a peek at the choices of small home design creations with the following minimum budgets for your dream home reference!

Modern simple small House
Modern simple small House – source:
Simple Small House Design Ideas
Simple Small House Design Ideas – source:
Simple Small House Design
Simple Small House Design – source:
Simple Small House Ideas
Simple Small House Ideas – source:
Simple Small House Models
Simple Small House Models – source:
Simple Small House Plans
Simple Small House Plans – source:
Simple Small Minimalist House
Simple Small Minimalist House – source:
Simple Wooden House Design
Simple Wooden House Design – source:
Small House Designs
Small House Designs – source:
Tiny House Design Ideas
Tiny House Design Ideas – source:

Don’t make limited land an obstacle in exploring bolder designs and concepts for small homes. To appear bold in concept and design, you also don’t need to get hung up on complicated designs. Congratulations on being creative with the design of the small house of your dreams!

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