6 Simple Plate Rack Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

As is known that the dish rack is one of the furniture needed in the kitchen and dining room. The dish rack has an important role in the kitchen. Unlike the Kitchen Set, the dish rack is used to store plates, cups, spoons, and other cutlery.

Usually a dish rack into a kitchen cabinet and Kitchen Set. However, the placement of the dish rack is sometimes placed near the sink making it easier to wash the dishes. Now in this article, we will provide a plate rack idea for small kitchens.

Here are a lot of plate rack ideas

Stunning Plate Rack Ideas
The first plate rack is a very attractive and beautiful design. In addition, this dish rack has a color that matches the interior in the kitchen. Not only plates, but there are also glasses that are hung.

Source Image

Simple Plate Rack Ideas
On the second plate rack, it has an extraordinary simplicity. This plate rack is made of wood so that it can display an attractive impression.

Source Image

Lovely Plate Rack Ideas
For this one shelf, it is made of wood. Apart from wood, it turns out that the dish rack is integrated with the industry to make beautiful wooden plate shelves.

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Incredible Plate Rack Ideas
This one plate rack is connected directly to the wall. In addition, the white color is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen.

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Cozy Plate Rack Ideas
This plate rack is different from the others because this plate rack is directly related to the storage cabinet. There is a storage cabinet that has a direct dish rack like the picture above.

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Beautiful Plate Rack Ideas
For the last shelf that is connected directly to the wall, just add wood to hold it away from the plates and other ingredients.

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Those are some dish rack ideas that you can apply to a small kitchen. For those of you who are interested in small kitchen design ideas, see here.

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