6 Gorgeous Storage Design Ideas for Your Home Garage

If you have a house and a car, of course, you will have a garage. The garage is a place to store vehicles such as cars or motorbikes that aim to protect the vehicle from the sun or rain at night to avoid dew.

In addition, the garage is one place that is not organized or cluttered. But if you change the garage to be organized then you can make the garage space more beautiful and attractive.

In arranging a garage can also make you tired because you have a house. So, when you want to make a garage room that is beautiful and neat, then you have found something suitable to apply to the garage interior.

Something to make a neat and beautiful garage?

Something in question is storage. Storage in the garage will make the garage neat. You can store items in the storage area so that the garage space looks neat.

Lots of storage models that you can apply to your garage. But the most important thing is that you should be able to think about the layout of the garage and some other decorations.

For those of you who have a garage, do not forget that there must be ventilation that can make circulation fresher. Now in this article, I will give the idea of ​​storing in a garage as an inspiration for you.

The following is a storage design ideas

Cozy Storage Design Ideas
In the picture above the garage is a garage that has a simple interior. All equipment or items are placed on the wall so that it is like a wall shelf. However, storage in the garage is also not very used because the garage does not have many items.

Source Image

Grey Storage Design Ideas
This garage has three parallel storage design ideas. In addition, garage storage has an attractive color that is gray. This is not too much to hold goods, but this storage design ideas is indeed separated for various items.

Source Image

Incredible Storage Ideas for Garage
In storage in this garage has a storage design ideas such as in the kitchen. This storage cabinet contains several items that are used in the garage to repair a car or motorcycle. In addition, the white color can make a clean interior.

Source Image

Modern Storage Design Ideas with Vertical Garden
This garage has an interior color that makes this place more modern namely gray. Not only furniture but also the colors on the floor are suitable when combined with other colors. Because there is no ventilation space, the interior of the garage presents plants that can create air circulation.

Source Image

Unique Garage Interior Ideas
This garage has a unique and attractive interior. The color of the floor with a model like the one above can beautify the interior of the garage to be extraordinary. There is also a form to park the car to make it look neat. But the weakness of this garage is ventilation.

Source Image

Wooden Storage Design Ideas with Laundry
In this storage design ideas this time it was made using wood. All storage is made with creativity and interest. To open a storage area, it must be moved to be cooler.

Source Image

That’s the storage model you can copy. For those of you who are interested in how to make a comfortable bedroom, you can see it here.

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