10 Home Office Ideas That Will Make You More Productive And Comfortable

Have you ever been bored with your home office space just like that? maybe you want to try something different than usual to design your workspace. renew your workspace design, so you don’t get bored while doing your work. has a good workspace design and suits your taste. the result is your work becomes far more productive, right?

For those of you who will use your workspace at home for the whole day or only a few hours a day, workspace design needs to be considered so that the workspace in your home is comfortable and you are more productive. Here are some workspace design tips at home :

office home
office home

1. location

These are the most important tips for the workspace in your home. Home workspaces can come in all shapes and sizes, including placement in different locations. The best way to choose the most ideal location for a workspace at home is to adjust to your personal needs.

2. Choosing Office Furniture

Choosing home workspace furniture is very important. Choose a desk that is sufficient to accommodate all work equipment, and also leave enough space for writing activities.

The minimum ideal size for a work desk is 120-150 cm, while a height of worktable can be set at around 70-75 cm, as needed. Finally for workspaces at home, invest in ergonomic office chairs for the comfort and health of the cervical vertebrae and back.

3. Use of Storage & Shelving

In general, workspaces at home will still require adequate storage areas and wall shelves. Arrange the placement design according to the job flow, desk location, and the most practical job access. Surely you are the most familiar with the rhythm of personal work, so you must be more observant in the best size and location estimates.

4. Natural Lighting

Try to choose a room with natural lighting for the highest productivity. The worktable can be placed facing the window or in a location where the computer screen feels right without reflected light. Also, use curtains or blinds to reduce the light that is too bright so the atmosphere of the workspace at home more comfortable. The placement of mirrors and the selection of home office color paints will also have a lot of effect on your productivity.


Below Are The Inspirations For A Productive And Comfortable Workspace At Home

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