10+ Cool Stairs for Your Home to Look Modern

Cool stairs for your home to look modern. For those of you who have a terraced house, stairs are one important thing that must be there. Its function is the link between the 1st floor and others. The existence of a ladder is very important, but unfortunately, the design of the ladder is usually made mediocre. There are even stairs that are made haphazardly without regard to the aesthetic beauty of these stairs. Though the stairs in the house, also give the effect of beauty on home design.

Since time immemorial, wood is the basic material that has always been used to make stairs. Over time, many materials can be used to make stairs. And there are also many variations of the design of the stairs to make it look more attractive. One thing you need to know, stairs not only play an important role in the mobility function but also as architectural details that have a big influence on the overall style of the home. Sometimes designers also use stairs to decorate, oriented to architecture and interior space.

10 Cool Stairs for Your Home to Look Modern
10 Cool Stairs for Your Home to Look Modern

At present, there are very many variations of the shape of the stairs, this variation is usually a modification of the shape of a straight ladder, curved stairs, to a circular staircase. This design is very interesting and might make you unable to apply it at home. But, do not fall asleep with the shape of the stairs, you must pay attention to the balance function of the building. Sometimes, the stair infrastructure is designed and built based on adjustments to the appearance of the entire area.

Of course, the designers of the staircase model have their own challenges to create a design or drawing design that is very interesting stairs. At present, there are many new models that are misused by designer stair models both in composition and form. In the following, we have prepared several collections of design drawings for stair models, maybe, this can be a reference material for those of you who want to have an interesting and modern date.

Below This Is 10+ Cool Stairs For Your Home To Look Modern

summer house
summer house – metalocus.es
stairs design
stairs design – plataformaarquitectura.cl
staircase – voelkerphoto.com
staircase design ideas
staircase design ideas – filmovmir-720.online
stair design glass
stair design glass – youtube.com
spiral staircase
spiral staircase – caststairs.com
minimalist glass stairs
minimalist glass stairs – in.pinterest.com
glass staircase
glass staircase – architizer.com
floating stairs
floating stairs – pinterest.se
Cool Stairs for Your Home
Cool Stairs for Your Home – ofdesign.net
circular staircase
circular staircase – kebaya.org

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