10+ Awesome Outdoor Bathroom Designs with Amazing Ideas

In residential homes, the bathroom now has its own portions and developed into a multifunctional place. Not only a place to clean themselves but at the same time also to pamper yourself. So, the design is needed in accordance with the mood of the occupants of the house.

Outdoor Bathroom Decor
Outdoor Bathroom Decor

If you want something different for your bathroom later, try taking the concept of the outdoor or open bathroom. The bathroom does not have to be designed closed or ‘locked’, but it can also be designed so that it feels like being in the wild while maintaining privacy. In addition, the use of the outdoor bathroom concept is also intended to prevent moisture from causing unpleasant odors and the appearance of germs and bacteria.

Natural stone can be a choice of wall coverings to add a tropical impression to the bathroom. While the roof uses a semi-open wooden design. Can also add other items such as wooden chairs as accents. The combination of stone material with cement for the wall is no less memorable natural. Not to mention if you add a wooden twig roof, it feels like in the interior!

Well, as inspiration, here I provide an overview of the appearance of outdoor bathrooms that are guaranteed to leave you in awe!

Awesome Outdoor Showers
Awesome Outdoor Showers – source: homedecormagz.com
Beautiful Outdoor Showers
Beautiful Outdoor Showers – source: za.pinterest.com
Colorful Outdoor Showers
Colorful Outdoor Showers – source: lepsiebyvanie.centrum.sk
exterior bathroom Piscinas
exterior bathroom Piscinas – source: pinterest.co.uk
tropical outdoor bathroom
tropical outdoor bathroom – source: chazuo.info
Boho outdoor shower design
Boho outdoor shower design – source: pinterest.ru
Luxurious Outdoor Showers
Luxurious Outdoor Showers – source: yandex.com
Natural Outdoor small Bathroom ideas
Natural Outdoor small Bathroom Ideas – source: pinterest.com
Outdoor Bathroom Decor
Outdoor Bathroom Decor – source: pinterest.ru
Shower outside
Shower outside – source: pinterest.it
Stunning outdoor bathroom
Stunning outdoor bathroom – source: pinterest.ru

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